Lesson 4: Poultry Cuts


  • Base all cutup prices off of a whole chicken.​
  • Cutup a whole chicken, weigh it out and do your own math.​
  • Whole cutup chickens do not vacuum seal well.​
  • We also didn't sell these very well and only offer thru the CSA.​
  • We also tried “half” chickens and had the same issues.​
  • Do skin on, bone-in breasts if possible​
  • Leave the wish bone and cartridge, not the “rib”.​
  • Rule of thumb: Chicken breast should be 2X (+) your whole chicken price/lb.​
  • Package your dark meat as a “leg quarter”​
  • Thighs sell really well and drumsticks do not.​
  • Make someone buy the drum to get the thigh.​
  • Package two “chicken frames” together to help move them along.​
  • Keep giblets and feet for added profit, but do the math carefully!​

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