Lesson 3: Farmers' Market Pros and Cons


By far the largest percentage of our sales come from farmer's markets.​


  • Very sifted group of shoppers attend this venue each week.​
  • People here want what you have or they wouldn't give up their Saturday morning to shop in this fashion.​
  • Open 50 weeks out of the year.​
  • Gives you access to literally thousands of unique customers.​
  • New customers show up every week.​
  • Many customers developed here become bulk customers.​
  • Customers are genuinely interested in speaking with the farmer and learning how they raise the food they are selling.​
  • You get the full retail value for your product.​
  • A well run market will be vibrant and very worthwhile to attend.​
  • Benefits of networking with other farmers and businesses.​


  • There are no guaranteed sales.​
  • Weather can be your friend or your enemy!​
  • A four hour market is usually about a 9 hour investment of time.​
  • It's hard to “pay yourself” for this time (in my mind).​
  • You will most likely have to hire help to cover the farm while you attend the market.​
  • Hiring help to cover a market generally does not produce good sales results.​
  • You will find politics very much at play in the farmer's market scene.​
  • Management changes can devastating.  ​
  • When you get home from the market, it's time to go to work!​
  • Can have a negative affect on family activities and personal social interactions.​
  • In the end, this is a “retail” outlet.​

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