Lesson 1: Introduction

In this module we take a systems approach to starting a business going from the question - "Do I have a formal business or am I pursuing this as a hobby?" to "What software do I need?" and how to select a CPA.

You'll walk through the whole decision making process from start to finish being prompted at each step to think about your situation and how you can apply the concept or idea in your context, with your farm, and in your jurisdiction. It's not enough just to do "farm" the land. 

If you are actually approach farming as a business, then there are a lot of things that you have to do, and should do, to save money, to help protect yourself from liability, and make your life easier and more stress free.  We'll cover everything that you HAVE TO do and the things you really SHOULD do.

Disclosure: I am not a CPA or an attorney. Please consult with a CPA and/or an attorney before making any firm commitments with regards to business organization or tax filings.

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