Advanced Livestock Marketing, Sales and Production Workshop - Generate $200,000 on 20 Acres

Learn over a dozen different ways to sell product, how to assess your market, your personal context and put a farm plan into action.

Due to Very High Demand this workshop has SOLD OUT.

But don't let be that hold up your progress.

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Farmer Darby Simpson will be teaching at a two day workshop this fall, hosted by fellow hoosier and farmer Luke Groce. This jam packed event will cover everything you need in order to begin your operation, or take it to the next level!

You've probably heard of Darby Simpson and his journey into farming that began in 2007, transitioning himself from a mechanical engineer into a full-time farmer.

For ten years, his farm has produced the bulk of income that his family of four has lived off of. A dream that started off with $600 and 50 broilers, has blossomed into a business that has generated $200,000 in annual sales.

Fellow farmer and hoosier Luke Groce ( has a similar story. What began as a love for local food and a vegetable operation in 2009 has grown into a pastured livestock business that allows Luke to produce an income for his family of six. What's more, Luke will generate nearly $200,000 with his farm in 2019 and is doing this on just 20 acres of land!

Just imagine, grossing nearly $10,000 per acre on your own farm, and having a plan in place to sell that product!

Regardless of if you are an aspiring farmer, a beginner or have already been farming for profit for a few years, this workshop is for you!

We'll be covering some basics on production methods, but stacking on advanced concepts for scaling up an operation on small acreage that can generate an income for a family to live on.

For instance, if you need to learn the ropes on brooder management, or see first hand how Luke manages batches of 1,200 chicks at a time, we will have all experience levels covered in this workshop.

And regardless of if you have started farming already or not, you have no doubt already begun to wonder “How do I sell all of this product?”

This is often one of the single biggest hurdles for producers entering the marketplace, or for existing producers to figure out when scaling up.

Together, Darby and Luke will share with you over a dozen different ways you can sell product, and teach you how to assess your market, your personal context and put a plan into action to sell your products!

With over 20 years of combined farming and marketing experience, and nearly $400,000 in joint annual sales, Luke and Darby have a lot to share and teach to you so that you to can be a success on a small amount of land.

And as if that wasn't enough, we'll spend an entire day showing you Luke's operation first hand.

You'll get to see just how he stacks and manages all of these enterprises on only 20 acres! You will get to see first hand his open-cell grazing system for poultry that includes broilers, ducks and turkeys. Luke will also show his regenerative grazing system for lamb and cattle, in addition to his pastured pork operation.

If this all sounds good to you, then register now for our two day workshop held on October 19th-20th, 2019 near Corydon, IN (located only 32 miles from Louisville, KY and Louisville International Airport).

And if you are interested in learning from Darby in person, you should know that this will be your ONLY opportunity to do so for at least the next year! Darby will not be teaching at any other workshops outside of Indiana for the remainder of 2019 or during 2020.

With that in mind, what exactly will be covered during this two day can't miss event?
We'll be covering the following topics:
Day 1:
  • Learn Effective Retail Marketing for Small Livestock Farms
  • Tips and Advice for Working with Stores & Restaurants
  • How to Start and Manage Meat CSA's
  • How to Do Your Own Market Analysis
  • Learn 12 Different Farm Sales Models
  • Learn How To Set Product Prices
  • See and Learn about the Production Details For:
    • Chickens
    • Ducks
    • Turkeys
    • Pigs
    • Sheep
    • Cattle
Day 2:
  • Learn about Storytelling Marketing to Connect with Consumers
  • How to Setup an Effective Brooder management System
  • Tips and Advice for Scaling Up Pastured Poultry
  • See Luke's Freezer Storage
  • Get Insight into Meat CSA Management
  • See a Unique Open-Cell Pastured Poultry System
  • How Luke Manages Grass with Lambs
  • Why Turkeys and Ducks Could Be a Hidden Profit Center
  • Tips for Regenerative Tree Management for Your Farm
  • Pastured Pork Production, Tools, and Techniques
  • Strategies for Grazing 100% Grass-fed Cattle
  • See How Luke Setup Fencing, Water, and Feed Systems
  • How to Setup Joint Ventures and Partner with Other Farms

As an added bonus, the first 10 people to register for the workshop will receive a free set of Darby's chicken tractor plans in addition to a free 30 minute consult with their choice of either Darby or Luke after the workshop.

We are offering this two day workshop with all of the above included at a super affordable price of just $349 per person. However, Grassfed Life Insiders will save $50 with a special discount code and attend the workshop for only $299! (Insiders: A discount code has been emailed to you! Enter it at checkout.)
Additionally, anyone attending the workshop can also opt to purchase any of the Grassfed Life online courses for a substantial discount!
In this workshop, we'll also be providing snacks during the classroom day as well as a complete local lunch during the on-farm field day at Groce Family Farm.

Spaces are extremely limited!
Do not delay in signing up if you are interested in learning from Darby in person. Again, this will be the ONLY workshop he is a part of until the fall of 2020 at the earliest!

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Express of Corydon, IN which is only 32 miles from Louisville International Airport. Rooms at the hotel include free breakfast

Our classroom session on Saturday will be held at this same hotel in their conference room.

Room Block Code is “FRM”. Cut-off is October 14th for the block rate of $109.00.

Your Instructor

Darby Simpson
Darby Simpson

Darby’s farming journey began in 2007 with just $600 and 50 broiler chickens on pasture.

Today the farm is producing nearly $200,000 in gross annual sales and provides a modest living for Darby, his wife and two children.

Darby successfully transitioned himself from the corporate world as a mechanical engineer into farming and this course is designed to help you do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the workshop being held?
A block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Express of Corydon, IN which is only 32 miles from Louisville International Airport. Rooms at the hotel include free breakfast. Room Block Code is “FRM”. Cut-off is October 14th for the block rate of $109.00.​ Register at the hotel -
If I upgrade and add the online courses when do I get access to them?
Shortly after registering you will get unlimited lifetime access to the online course that you upgrade to.

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